Universal Plotting Sheets

Pad of 50 sheets, printed both sides

$10.95   ...item# 1825

These are effectively just blank charts of the ocean or of any other part of the world. The "universal" nature is that the lat and lon labels are not marked on the sheets, so we can set them up for any location on earth, and for any scale we choose. They could be set for 3 inches = 60 nautical miles, which is the "default" implied by the printed tick marks, or for 3 inches = 6 miles, or 600 miles.

The diagram in the bottom right corner is used to set up the separation of the longitude lines for various latitudes, since these are closer together at higher latitudes in the mercator projections intended for these sheets.

These sheets are very easy to use and very handy to have on board, even if you do not plan to do celestial. We use them, for example, in laying out gibe angles and courses in ocean yacht races. Since they can be set to any scale, one simply chooses the scale that is most convenient for the range into the future that is being analyzed, anything from two or three hours to two or three days. This analysis is especially important when setting up to enter the trade winds or any strong wind pattern that is some distance ahead.

They can also be used for radar "maneuvering boards" or for solving routine vector problems in wind or current analysis.

Six sheets are included in the celestial nav home study course, which is enough to work the practice problems, but you will eventually want another pad or two for extra practice or an actual voyage.


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