Ideal for reading in short intervals

Smart Mark

Sturdy card stock, standard bookmark size (2" x 6.5").

Packet of 5 marks with removable price tag.

Free shipping on Smart Marks

$2.95   ...item# 1845

A unique gift. Ideal for reading in short sessions because the orientation of the mark shows which part of which page you last read. Corner arrows point to the proper orientation to use. With a Smart Mark working for you, you will never again have to search around the two facing pages to find where you left off.

Click for a detailed image of the Smart Mark

Use spaces provided to record new words. Use a new mark for each new book, label with the title, then save the marks for review. Results are often interesting.

A pack of Smart Marks makes an ideal gift for readers on the run. They will love them. The price tag is even printed on a special peel-off label.

The Instructions: When you are done reading, note which quadrant of the two facing pages that you left off with, and then place the mark in the book with that quadrant showing at the top in dark type. If it is not right when you first place it, note the arrows next to the quadrant you want to mark, and they will tell you instantly how to rotate or turn the card to get it right. Horizontal arrows mean turn the card over, vertical arrows mean turn it end for end. Two arrows mean do both in one smooth motion it is much like choosing the proper assumed position in a celestial sight reduction. At first it seems complicated, but after a few tries it is done without thinking.

PS. We thought we invented these in 1999, but in Sept, 2012 we learned that the Ohio State University Rare Books and Manuscripts Library knows better. See this video of a 14th century version here. (Thanks to C-Span for such interesting TV that we might learn such things.)


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