Radar Plotting Sheets

Radar Plotting Sheets

Radar Plotting Sheets, pad of 50, printed both sides, 13 x 13 inches, black ink on white paper.

$10.95   ...item# 1862

Radar Plotting Sheets are used to solve the relative motion diagram and other problems in radar observing. This product is a commercial reproduction of what was once DMA pub no 5089. The active plotting circle is 12 inches in diameter, with 6 range rings. Scales for ranges 3, 6, 12, and 24 are included as well as a speed-time-distance nomogram.

The sheets are called "transfer plotting sheets" because you transfer observations of range, bearing, and time from the radar screen to these sheets and then complete the plotting on the sheet. The alternative is called "rapid radar plotting" which is done right on the radar screen. These sheets are also essentially the same as what is called a "maneuvering board," used for solving any vector problem in navigation.

The Starpath Radar Trainer software includes convenient pdf versions of radar plotting sheets, which are also available to WebCard holders at no charge in the Resources section. These can be printed as needed. They will do the job nicely but are designed for letter-size paper. If you want the full 360 on large format, then these sheets here are the solution.


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