The state of the art solution to navigation computations in a hand-held calculator.

StarPilot-89 Navigation Calculator

Package includes a TI-Titanium programmable graphing calculator with built in StarPilot-89 software. Includes printed copy of the StarPilot User's Guide, plus the StarPilot CD, which contains navigation articles and documents, and TI-89 calculator manual in pdf format, along with various Utilities programs and a working demo of the StarPilot-PC program. All StarPilot-89 programs are stored in ROM and are not affected by battery removal. A USB to calculator cable is included for transferring data to and from from the calculator.

The calculator includes a 1-year warranty from Texas Instruments.

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StarPilot-89 Titanium

We sell the StarPilot-89 as both the calculator package, listed above, or as software alone if you already own a TI-89 calculator. Note that the StarPilot-89 program requires the TI operating system called AMS2.05 or if you purchase a calculator in the near future with the forthcoming AMS2.08, we also have a version for that one. If your calculator does not have either of these, you can upgrade it from a TI download at no charge.

StarPilot does celestial sight reductions of all bodies using high-precision internal almanac, plus mathematical and graphic solutions for position fixes, great circle, rhumb line, traverse and composite sailings, all current problems, piloting solutions, and much more...including lunar distance method of finding GMT from the sky and a unique graphical Sight Planner, and the new Sight Analyzer function that helps you get the most accurate results from a series of sights.

The StarPilot is the state of the art solution to ocean navigation, fully up-gradeable with free upgrades available via Internet download, easy to use operation from logical menu lists, plus illustrated User's Guide with practice exercises.

The StarPilot calculator comes with a hard plastic protective cover, but if you want more protection for use underway, we also have available as an option a very durable waterproof case for the StarPilot... that floats.

For navigators outside of the US, we list here Where to buy a TI calculators worldwide. Buy a calculator locally and download the software for the most economical way to get the StarPilot working for you.

StarPilot is a phenomenal program in a phenomenal calculator. The full calculator functions are available to you even with StarPilot installed — if you care to use them. If you don't, you just need 3 buttons to operate all of the navigation functions of the calculator. The software programming is by Dr. Luis Soltero, a professional scientist, programmer, and worldwide sailor. The program design is by David Burch, director of Starpath School of Navigation. The programmed routines have been tested at sea for several years, the approach to celestial navigation used has been tested underway for 20 years. This product is custom designed to meet the style, efficiency, and precision of the Starpath approach to celestial navigation. You will not find a better product for this application anywhere in the world, at any price.

For more information see: Article on Calculators and Celestial Navigation or read about actual recent sights underway analyzed with the StarPilot and related articles.

For those who have other uses for this powerful calculator besides ocean navigation, you can find details specs on this calculator online as well as the complete TI-89 Guide Book and FAQs (HP keeps moving the link so we do not list it). Again, for those who want only ocean nav functions, you can completely forget about these other details of the calculator. Just push the number key next to the function you want, as outlined in the Menus and Examples section. The graphs and plots will pop up when you need them automatically, then go away when you are done. No calculator or computer knowledge is needed.

On the other hand... we do recommend that you know the old-fashioned way of doing celestial with paper and books before getting too committed to a super-convenient calculator solution. The StarPilot does a tremendous amount of work for us, and does it better than we can by hand, but it is important that we know what it is doing. The beauty of celestial navigation is its transparency. Done right, we can tell immediately when a fix is good, or when we might have made an error. If we do not use the calculator properly and understand what it is doing for us, we run the risk of losing this primary virtue of doing celestial in the first place. A little Reminder!


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