All-in-one Backup to GPS. No background in Cel Nav Required.

GPS Backup Kit

Everything you need to find your position
with celestial navigation.

Detailed sextant use instructions
and custom tables
make it super easy to use.

Meets any offshore racing requirements
that call for a cel nav backup.

$350.00   ...item# 1998

If you have not had time to learn celestial navigation before your departure, then purchase this kit and stow in on the boat, and be confident you can use it for ocean navigation if you need to. The booklet includes not just all the tables needed and easy procedures for finding Lat and Lon, there are also background notes on ocean plotting and reading courses and distances from a plotting sheet, which can be customized to any part of the world.

Alternatively, if you want to learn an easy way to find your Latitude and Longitude for any reason, with the least overall investment, then this kit provides all you need to start doing position fixes with the noonday sun and the North Star, Polaris.

Read about the included booklet
GPS Backup with a Mark 3 Sextant: All Instructions and Tables Included; For any Ocean, on Any Date; No Background In Celestial Navigation Required

All-in-one Backup to GPS... also known as "Cel Nav Grab Bag"... or "Analog GPS."

  • Davis Mark 3 plastic sextant
  • Quartz watch set to UTC, with 7-year battery, individually rated to give correct UTC on any date. (How we do the watch rates.)
  • GPS Backup with a Mark 3 Sextant (the instruction guide and needed tables)
  • 3x folding magnifier (to help read the sextant's vernier scale)
  • Plastic sextant case with locking handle (The stock Mark 3 comes in a paper box.)
  • Douglas protractor
  • Roll-up 12" ruler
  • Clip and edge bar to facilitate Polaris measurements
  • 2 pencils, sharpener, and eraser
  • Notebook with graph pages
  • 5 Universal plotting sheets
  • Waterproof dry bag

Our price on this package reflects our expense in sourcing the custom items, assembling the kit, and mostly the time and labor it takes to rate each of the watches. It is possible to find these parts on your own and make your own kit at a savings. We have video instructions above on how to accurately rate a watch.


The very first voyage of a Starpath Backup Kit was a remarkable one. Starpath student Jacob Adoram Hendrickson rowed his custom rowboat from Seattle to Cairns AU. The trip took 11 months, with many exciting challenges. Congratulations Jacob. He tells us that he is very glad he did not have to use the kit, but several cases he was glad that it was there if needed.


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