Fischer Precision Barographs
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Please see the Description of barographs below. Download User's Manual.

The Navigator

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This model has been popular with
merchant ships and navy vessels
as well as working weather
stations in field applications.




Chart graduation
≤ (± 0.7 hPa)
1 hPa ( 1 hPa = 1 mb )
Housing made of cast aluminum and chrome steel; white finish
Movement brass and steel, with flat chrome finish
Glazing made of transparent synthetic material
Dimensions 290 x 145 x 190 mm (11.4" x 5.7" x 7.5") ; instrument weight 2.5 kg
Model 227Q

Quartz clockwork.
Runs in 3 modes: daily, weekly, and monthly.

See important options below


The Captain

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This is the most popular model
for larger yachts and ships, and
for land based weather bureaus,
with many in use in the UK
Met Offices and other European
weather services, as well as by
individual weather watchers, worldwide.


Chart graduation
≤ (± 0.7 hPa)
1 hPa
Housing made of beech hardwood with a mahogany stain finish
Polished brass movement. End drawer for charts.
Dimensions 345 x 170 x 180 mm (13.6" x 6.7" x 7.1"); instrument weight 3.4 kg
Model 287MQ

Quartz clockwork.
Runs in 3 modes: daily, weekly, and monthly

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The Admiral

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An Exhibition Class barograph
with a difference.
It is not only an elegant housing,
but since it comes from Fischer Instruments,
it is a certified high-accuracy instrument.
Pictures do not do justice
to its exquisite craftsmanship.
A scientific instrument in a work of art.

Chart graduation
≤ (± 0.7 hPa)
1 hPa
Housing made of beech hardwood with a mahogany stain finish
Glazing faceted float glass (cut glass with edge bevel)
Base plate and movement of polished brass; includes side drawer for charts and pens
Dimensions 345 x 190 x 185 mm; instrument weight 4.4 kg
Model 267MQ

Quartz clockwork.
Runs in 3 modes: daily, weekly, and monthly

See important options below

Options that apply to each barograph
Vibration dampening
For use at sea, adds custom vibration dampening. Not needed for use on land; very important for use underway.
Clock mechanism
Change to mechanical (wind up) clock. The wind-up mode has only Daily and Weekly. No Monthly setting.
High elevation scale
Stock devices are made for sea level to 500 ft elevation. Check the scale below to change to higher elevation measuring range. Add your selection to the comments section, last step of the order, and click add to cart as a reminder to us.


  Measuring range used for elevations  
  955 to 1055 hPa
930 to 1030 hPa
905 to 1005 hPa
880 to 980 hPa
855 to 955 hPa
000 to 150 m above sea level (0 to 500 ft)
150 to 350 m above sea level (500 ft to 1100 ft)
350 to 600 m above sea level (1100 ft to 2000 ft)
600 to 850 m above sea level (2000 ft to 2800 ft)
850 to 1,100 m above sea level (2800 ft to 3600 ft)

Contact us for higher elevations



Description of barographs

Aneroid barographs are used to measure and record the history of atmospheric pressure. The measuring element in our barographs is a set of 7 aneroid capsules with a diameter of 62 mm. This set is manufactured of a copper-beryllium alloy that essentially eliminates age-hardening, hysteresis, and elastic after effects that could otherwise degrade the accuracy. The influence of temperature on the set of aneroid capsules and the transmission system is compensated by use of bimetal components over the full measuring range and for temperatures between -30 to +40 °C (-22 to 104 °F). All contacts in the movements are jeweled to reduce friction. Fischer barographs are used by navies and weather services, worldwide.

For each model there is a choice of mechanical wind-up clockworks or quartz clockworks, which can be shifted in an instant for daily, weekly or monthly revolution. The actual periods are 25.6 hr, 176 hr, and 783 hr. The recording instruments are delivered complete with fibre pens and a year's supply of recording charts. Weekly charts are the standard that are provided unless requested otherwise. Note that the mechanical clocks do not have a monthly mode. Weekly rotations are the most common used with barographs.

Fischer instruments are unique in offering an option on each model with enhanced dampening for barograph use at sea. After you chose your model and timing option, the extra dampening option can be added. There is no need for this option for land based operations.

The paper charts are the same size for all models: 92mm tall by 302 mm long. Charts marked in inches of mercury are also available on request.

Normal delivery time is 5 weeks. Each instrument is hand made, numbered, and calibrated at the factory in Germany and a certificate guaranteeing its performance is included. If there are any questions at all about the functions or options of the instrument, or delivery time, please call us before ordering at 800-955-8328 or +1 206 783 1414. Or use We will confirm your order by phone or email before placing the custom order.