Notes on dAISy AIS Antennas

The dAISy mini AIS is a receiver only. We get signals from other AIS vessel transmitters but we are not broadcasting our own signal. Consequently the quality of the antenna is not as crucial as it would be when broadcasting.

There are many options, readily available. The most convenient for portable use will have a BNC connector, which connects directly to the dAISy. A standard VHF/AIS antenna, on the other hand will have a larger connector called SO-239. So if you are using splitter on your boat to share an antenna you will need an adapter shown below.

Likewise, setting up a home AIS station, or installing a dedicated antenna on your boat, you might want something like Sample 4 and that too will require the adapter... but you can always try one of the less expensive ones to see if that meets your needs. We have one like Sample 3 that works well with a clear view of the waterway. It is rugged and easy to pack.

A 6-inch stubby VHF antenna connected directly to the dAISy

A magnetic base VHF antenna connected remotely to the dAISy.


Sample 1 on Amazon.




Sample 2 on Amazon.

Sample 3 on Amazon.

Sample 4 on Amazon.


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