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Important note on Tech Support

From this page you can download a full copy of the StarPilot program for TI calculators, but in order to run it you must:

(1) For TI-89 (and new Titanium model):
Have the appropriate "TI Connect" software and cable to load it from your computer into your TI 89, 92+, or Voyage 200 calculator. For PC computers running on Windows on Mac, this USB cable and software package is called the TI-Connectivity Kit, available from TI or from Office Supply Stores. Or, we have these available online here if you do not have access to other outlets. The TI-Connect software can be downloaded from Texas Instruments at no charge.

What happens when you download
When you press "Download StarPilot" your computer will ask you where to store the self-extracting compressed file. Select a directory of your choice, and note it. This location is only used to launch the extraction of the actual program files. After the file has been downloaded, go to that location in your Windows Explorer and double click the file name. That will extract the program files and instructions into a new directory, which is convenient for using with the Ti Connect or GraphLink software. You have the option to change this directory if you like. Then you are ready to follow the instructions provided, which will load the program into your calculator.

StarPilot Calculator Software

Download StarPilot-89 software


SP-89/92+/V200 User's Guide

StarPilot Abbreviations


StarPilot-PC for Windows   also available, as is the    StarPilot-PC manual

Note these are not "demo" versions. This page is for delivery of products intended for purchase.
None can be run without registration.

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