The Mariners Compass Rectified

The Mariners Compass Rectified By Andrew Wakely

1760,ed. 4"x6", 272 pages.

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Published in 1760, this edition of the classic navigation manual is finally available to the general public thanks to elibra ebook technology. Hard copies selling for upwards of $350, this ebook edition offers a rare insight into the historic, yet entirely relevant navigation techniques of the 17th century. Includes multiple woodcut illustrations and diagrams.

"The mariners compass rectified containing tables shewing the true hour of the day, the sun being upon any point of the compass: with the true time of the rising and setting of the sun and stars, and the points of the compass that the sun and stars rise and set with: and tables of amplitude. All which tables are calculated from the equinoctial to 60 deg. of latitude. Hereunto is added an appendix, containing the description and use of those instruments most in use in the art of navigation. With a table of the latitude and longitude of places: composed after a new order. By Andrew Wakely, Math. Carefully corrected, altered, and very much enlarged, with many useful additions, by Ja. Atkinson, teacher of the mathematicks."


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