Ideal logbook for day sails or ocean passages,
racing or cruising

Sailors Logbook

ISBN 9780914025283
8.5 x 11, soft cover, 90 bound pages consisting of 40 data sheets with 29 numbered entries per sheet. Sheets and columns numbered, plus lined appendix of 8 pages for further voyage data.

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Designed for sailors by sailors. The simple layout of these record sheets has been tested over thousands of miles of offshore and coastal sailing. Use the hourly numbered entries for racing, or enter as needed for cruising.

Notes on Logbook Records (included in each copy)

The ship’s logbook has been a maritime tradition since ancient times. It is the place to document the voyages and movement of the vessel and events that take place on board related to safe navigation and the well being of the crew and cargo. Required log entries (not related to navigation) are specified for some vessels in 46 USC 11301. This logbook is intended as a navigation log, with spare pages in the back for other entries.

The column labels reflect typical entries for a sailing vessel, but these can be renamed in the spaces below each label. The labels suggested are:

1. Date

2. Time, usually ship’s time kept on 2400 watch face

3. Log (odometer), which usually has the same calibration as the knotmeter

4. Course, usually compass, as read, without corrections

5. Speed by knotmeter

6. Location by Latitude and Longitude or description

7. Optional

8. AWS, apparent wind speed

9. AWA, apparent wind angle (0° to 180°, port or starboard)

10. Baro (barometer), in millibars

11. Comments (weather, sea state, battery charging, temperature checks, etc)

Rows are numbered for cross reference or to help coordinate logbook entries with closest hour for hourly entries, or use the rows any way that is convenient. Frequency of entry depends on the circumstances.

A place to list voyages is on Page 1, along with a place to number this Logbook within a sequence. Each book should cover at least 40 days of 24-hour sailing with hourly entries, or longer with less frequent entries.

Data for the back of the book might include list of crew for each voyage, confirmation of safety checks, summary of voyage, and so on.

The logbook pages are bound and numbered as preferred by the USCG and admiralty courts, worldwide.


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