A guide to local forecasts and conditions 2nd Edition

Marine Weather Hazards Manual

Out of print
By Environment Canada

140 pages, 100+ illustrations (some in color), 7" x 9" paperback, coil bound.

$39.00   ...item# 1876

This is, quite simply, the best book on marine weather of BC that is available. It is one of three popular books the EC has produced, all of which are excellent nicely designed, well organized, and informative. [There is also one for the Great Lakes and one for the Straits of Georgia.]

This one, The Marine Weather Hazards Manual, is designed to help all mariners get the most out of Environment Canada's weather forcasts. This Manual Describes the different ways that storms approach the coast and how the strong winds, high seas and weather which result from these storms are modified by various coastal effects. It also includes a general discussion of the weather patterns in the region.

A CD ROM with some of the information in this book is now available here.


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