Notes on Optional ebooks

Your course comes with printed copies of all textbooks required; no additional purchases are required. However, Starpath has published ebook versions of all of our textbooks, and the use of these optional tools can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the training in any course. 

The printed books have Tables of Content and Indexes, but the ability to search the ebook copies for individual words or phrases is a tremendous asset to the textbook because it speeds up finding the content you want and insures you do not miss any reference that might not be in the Index. This is useful not just for the ongoing course, but also later when you come back to the books to look something up.

Furthermore, the ebooks can be bookmarked, highlighted, and annotated, which makes them a good place to store notes on specific subjects. These ebooks can be read and searched not just on your computer, but also on a tablet or phone. Each of the optional ebooks spans all your devices with one purchase and the files do not time out.

The two most popular ebook platforms worldwide are Kindle from Amazon and Books from Apple. The relative market share of Kindle books to Apple books is about the same as the ratio of PC users to Mac users, about 70% to 15%. One advantage of Kindle is there is a Kindle Reader app for all platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, whereas Apple Books run only on Mac and iOS devices. The needed (free) reader apps are available from their respective App Stores. Both have good support documentation.

For most users, there is no need for any special registration of the ebooks. Kindle uses your existing Amazon ID and Apple Books uses your existing Apple ID. All of our ebooks have a short sample you can download to investigate which you prefer before actually purchasing the ebooks. Starpath ebooks sell for one half of the printed book prices, and they will be the same from any source.

Both Kindle and Apple Books have excellent text to speech functions offering an audio book type option.

With the reader apps installed, these ebooks are available for reading at the moment of purchase.

For the

Radar Course

we recommend this optional ebook

Click the books to read about them, and click the icons below for Kindle or Apple versions.

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