Starpath International Shipping

The Starpath ordering system will automatically compute an estimated (see notes below) shipping charge including insurance based on your purchase and destination unless you have ordered electronic download options alone, in which case that shipping page will be skipped since downloads have no shipping charges. We send a confirmation by email when the package has been shipped, along with the tracking number. There are typically no earlier emails from us unless questions have arisen during the processing. Hence if an order is received on Friday afternoon, you may not here back from us until Monday.

All international packages are shipped via UPS unless special arrangements are made.


Duties and Taxes
Many Countries levy customs duty or taxes such as VAT or GST on products ordered from outside their borders. Some navigation equipment and educational materials may be exempt from some parts of the these fees, but that must be determined from your local agencies. All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient and will most likely be collected by local agencies upon delivery of the products.

Actual charges
By placing an international order, you are committing to pay the actual shipping charge. In some rare circumstances shipping costs will be more than what is displayed at the point of purchase. If this is the case we will always contact you for your approval before charging any additional fees.

Delivery questions — Please let us know promptly if the package did not arrive
If you do not receive your package by the estimated time on the tracking number email we send you please let us know as soon as possible that the package has not arrived. If the tracking number email does not give an estimated delivery date, then let us know within 10 days if you did not get it. You can also track the package yourself at any time. If we do not learn of a missing package within 28 days of the shipment date, we can no longer apply for insurance refund, and consequently no purchase refunds would be available. In the unlikely event this should happen, and we can no longer apply for insurance (i.e. we were informed of this more than 28 days past shipment date) then if the products are still desired, we would need to send the shipment again and charge for replacement costs plus handling fees.

Larger shipments without larger shipping fees
Shipping weights are listed once an item has been placed in the shopping list, and they are summed in the pro forma invoice which is visible before the order is placed. Please note that some shipping charges overseas from the US are the same for 1, 2, or 3 pounds, or at least the proportional increase is much lower than the increase in weight.

Domestic rates

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