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Practice Plotting LOPs
We have generated an online function that lets you test to see how accurately you are plotting your cel nav LOPs. To practice, just make up any two LOPS, ie two assumed positions (aLat, aLon), two intercepts (a-values), and two azimuths (Zns)and then plot them and then use this function to compute the right answer. In our course materials we would typically expect a final plot accuracy of less than or equal to 1.0 nautical mile using standard universal plotting sheets set up for 3 inches = 60' of latitude. You must be logged in to use this feature, but you need not be enrolled in the online cel nav course.
Virtual Sextant Sights
This section explains how to use Internet resources to take virtual sextant sights from any place on earth at any time. A way to get unlimited practice with sight reduction. Any ocean, any season, and year.
USCG License Exams
Random question generator
With this function you can generate practice tests on any subject in marine navigation or weather based on the USCG License exam database. Just choose the general area (Nav rules, deck general, safety, navigation, etc) then the subject (fire extinguishers, barge lights, compass corrections, etc) and choose the number of questions 10,30, or 50. You will then be presented with the quiz to work online and after submitting, you will see the correct answers and receive your score.

If you wish to take part in this free service for WebCard holders, please post a request in one of the online discussion forums and we will unlock the service for you. If you would like longer access or support with the questions from our instructors, please sign up for any one of our online courses.

Barometer calibrations
Barometer calibrations are discussed in detail on this page, along with a free online service to calibrate your own barometer.
Discussion group - Offsite
An active weather discussion group from Downunder. Many topics, including marine weather. See also the Starpath General discussion group on marine weather, but if you have questions on SH wx, this might be a good place to start... although it does contain some chatter, to wade through.
Discussion group - Starpath
A place to post your questions with quick answers. Focused discussions, this is not a chat room.
How to read weather maps
This exercise teaches you how to read weather maps by having the forecasters tell you what each map means. We simply compare the high-seas text reports with the concurrent surface analysis. It is a most wonderful and thorough way to master weather map reading. We give a detailed example, with instructions and all necessary links. You choose your ocean! It is always live, and always different. THIS EXERCISE HAS BEEN MOVED TO OUR ONLINE COURSE ON MARINE WEATHER
Online weather course
An extensive online (general) weather course covering basics and special topics such as satellite sensing and so on. We incorporate parts of this as reference materials in our own online course or marine weather.
Online weather glossary
This is the extensive online glossary we use in all of our courses. Please refer to the Weather Trainer Live glossary section for a list of all available weather glossaries.