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  • Detailed Instructions for Kolbe's Long Term Almanac
  • Starpath TrueWind (PC app)
  • Navigation calculators
  • Free online barometer calibration service
  • Navigation Rules with Canadian Modifications highlighted
  • Celestial Navigation LOP Plot Checker
  • Atlantic No. 5274 and Pacific No. 5270  (GC tracking charts)
  • Units Converter
  • Atlantic Briefing Index to all maps
  • Pacific Briefing Index to all maps
  • Satellite Image Briefings
  • NWS FTPmail Instructions
  • FCC frequency allocations (A Starpath work in progress)
  • Stan Klein's CelestialTools (PC program)
  • Celestial Tools Overview (Detailed instructions in the app)
  • Starpath N(x) Tables checker (by Stan Klein)
  • Starpath Pocket Navigation Rules Handbook (Online resource)
  • Weather map file names

  • Courses and Products brochures
  • Selected Products Catalog
  • Engineering flyer
  • Fischer Barograph User's Manual
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