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OpenCPN Navigation Program for Mac and PC Back

OpenCPN 1 (23:30) updated to v5.2 on Jan 23, 2021
• download and install OpenCPN
• adding hi-res base map
• download and install chart 18465Tr
• shut off quilting
• read Lat-Lon from the cursor
• shut off WMM plugin and set manual variation to 20.0E
• use M key for range and bearing

OpenCPN 2 (16:33)
• introduce route tool
• use route tool for drawing permanent range and bearing lines
• plot compass bearing fix
• illustrate a running fix
• placing a mark at a precise location
• add range ring to a mark

OpenCPN 3 for echart Nav Course (10:30) (Essentially same as #1 above, with different charts and less discussion)
• Download and install OpenCPN v5.2
• Install hi-res base map
• Download and install Training Pack region of ENC and RNC

Online Courses Operations Back

All courses: How to search the student discussion forum (8:01)

All courses: How to post a question in the student discussion forum (4:02)

All Courses: How to submit an end of lesson quiz (6:09)


Radar Back

Sources of the Navigation Rules; does not discuss the individual rules (11:34)

Radar Trainer 1. Introduction (13:48)

Radar trainer 2. Display modes (north-up, head-up, course-up) and targets (15:09)

Radar Trainer 3. Loading charts, Quiz 1 (13:25)

Use of EBL and VRM (8:36)

RC0106-011 and 012, range and true bearing to a target (8:40)

Radar position fixes by three methods: range and bearing, 2 bearings, and 2 ranges (18:40)

RC0204-0035, use of VRM to measure channel width (4:27)

RC0303-0014, Radar Navigation, combining radar and paper charts and OpenCPN echart nav (19:03)

RC0403-0021, Range and Bearing Fix (21:21). See also IN07-008/9 (below)

RC0403-0023, Fix by two bearings after jumping to a different vessel in RT3 (12:08)

RC0403-0032, Fix by three radar ranges and related discussion of situational awareness (20:13)

How to solve for SRM, DRM, CPA, TCPA, (Quiz RC0603), by Larry Brandt (9:39)

Using Radar for Other Vessel Aspect, True Course, Speed (Quiz RC0603) by Larry Brandt (17:23)

RC0603 solving relative motion diagram and figuring vessel lights (18:48)

Introduction to Navigation Lights on Vessels (21:02)


Inland and Coastal Nav Back

Sources of the Navigation Rules; does not discuss the individual rules (11:34)

Chart Plotting with Parallel Rulers (6:23) Paper chart plotting.

Index to several videos on use of plotting tools These videos on paper chart plotting are old and low-res; we will modernize when we can (~ 1 min each)

Notes on Quiz IN04: Measure deviation with a hand-held compass plus notes on compass conversions (12:11)

IN05-0007: Plotting DR track accounting for leeway. Solved with OpenCPN (17:05)

IN05-0007: Plotting DR track accounting for leeway. Solved with paper chart and plotting tools — plus general discussion of chart work (25:50)

IN06-0007:  See Workbook 18465Tr Ex 6-2, Danger Bearings (7:53)

IN07-0008: Range and bearing fix (6:17)

IN09-0006: Current from two fixes and DR (7:30)

IN09-0007: Plot DR track from logbook with current corrections (15:24); See related paper chart solution IN05-0007

IN09-0009: Current from two range and bearing fixes + DR (6:45)

IN09-0014: Course to steer to correct for current

Introduction to Navigation Lights on Vessels (21:02)


Navigation Workbooks Solutions Back

Navigation Workbook 18465Tr   This workbook is used in our Inland and Coastal Nav Course.

18465Tr Ex 6-7, Running fix, two targets using OpenCPN (12:09)

18465Tr Ex 6-3, Running Fix by eChart Solution (18:06)

18465Tr Ex 6-3, Running Fix, Manual Solution on Paper Chart (9:04)

18465Tr Ex 6-2, Danger Bearings (7:53)

18465Tr Ex 7-6, Running fix with circles of position (6:54)

18465Tr Ex 9-2, Course to steer to correct for known current, using OpenCPN  (9:41)

18465Tr Ex 9-2, Course to steer to correct for known current, using pencil and protractor (4:15)

Navigation Workbook 1210Tr

1210Tr Ex. 9-9, Find Current from DR and Fix (12:56)

1210Tr Ex 9-8, Course to Steer to Correct for Current (21:55)

1210Tr Ex 6-5, Bearing fix plus discussion of OpenCPN Object Search Plugin and StarPilot solution (22:06)

Celestial Navigation Back

Universal Plotting Sheets, Introduction and Set Up (12:01)

Universal Plotting Sheets, Examples and Discussion (DR to Fix) (8:57)

Universal Plotting Sheets, Expanding the scales (11:11)

How to Plot LOPs and advance for a running fix CN06-0021 (22:43)

Notes on Quiz CN02: reading sextant dials (14:30)

CN03-0017: Predict UTC and WT of LAN based on a DR position at noon (9:53)

CN03-0018: Find latitude from the peak height of the sun at noon (22:33)

CN05-0016: Sight Reduction of the Sun (31:26). See also a shorter summary article.

CN08-0019: Sight Reduction of Jupiter (28:03).  See also a shorter summary article.



Dip Short, Distance Off, and Running Fix (10:10)

Latitude by Polaris without Time or Almanac, Using the Starpath Regiment of the Pole (20:25)

Compare Air Almanac to Nautical Almanac (23:59)

Great Circle Sailing Using 2102-D Star Finder (10:15)


Weather Back

Apparent Wind from True Wind, Three Ways, apps, equations, plotting (17:45)

How to read wind and pressure from a weather map, using our Table 2.4-1 (7:05)

Weather maps Part 1, Color maps vs black and white maps (2:49)

Weather maps Part 2, Symbols and Interpretation (10:19)

Weather maps Part 3, Winds and Pressure Patterns (11:51)

Weather maps Part 4, Calculating Wind from Isobars (18:53)

Weather maps Part 5, Clarifies a detail from Part 4, report vs map (2:15)

Weather maps Part 6, Calculating winds along Your Route (16:24)

Evaluating a Weather Forecast, From the Cruising Club Weather Seminar (44:13)

Loading GRIB files with XyGrib: Quiz WX0203-0026 (13:04)

Loading GRIB file in OpenCPN: Quiz WX0203-0026 (14:43)

Sides of a Tropical Storm, Part 1. Background and References (10:16)

Sides of a Tropical Storm, Part 2. Hurricane Guillermo 2015 (17:25)

Sides of a Tropical Storm, Part 3. TS Claudette 2015, Value of a Good Barometer (14:56)

Sides of a Tropical Storm, Part 4. Maneuvering from a Known Side (14:30)






Miscellaneous Back

Navigator's Library for Extended Ocean Voyaging, the books we should all have onboard (29:14)