Barometric Pressure and Navigation Data Loggers

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Two apps designed for mariners who realize the importance of atmospheric pressure for routing decisions. The basic free Marine Barometer app records time, date, Lat, Lon, and both sea level and station pressures manually with the press of a button. The stored data are tabulated for view within the app.

The Marine Barograph app expands on this basic functionality by storing pressure and navigation data automatically whenever the app is showing, creates versatile graphic plots of pressure versus time, plus all data can be exported as CSV files for each of the time ranges plotted. Your vessel track covered in each file can also be exported as a GPX file that in turn can be loaded into a navigation program to compare actual tracks with weather patterns or for navigation analysis. The tracks will load into Google Earth as well.

Valuable pressure trend arrows indicate the significance of pressure changes, and the official pressure tendency is computed once there is a span of 3 hours of data. COG and SOG are also stored each second.  Rotate the barograph app to landscape for a larger graph, then sweep to the right for a prominent pressure display in clear sight across the cabin or wheelhouse.

Here is an article that shows it can serve as a scientific instrument: Atmospheric Pressure: Look Close to See its Microscopic Pulse

Rotate phone sideways for a bigger graph.

Swipe right for a large digital display.

Marine Barometer
HELP file inside the app
Marine Barograph
HELP file inside the app






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