Starpath books are available in all popular ebook formats

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Unlike printed books, ebook prices are effectively controlled by forces within the marketplace,
which means individual titles will likely have about the same price regardless of source or format.

Sometimes specials can alter this.

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Amazon Kindle. This is the most popular ebook format. The books are viewed in Kindle apps and in many popular dedicated Kindle readers. They have Kindle apps for all computers and mobile devices, iOS and Android. Starpath ebooks are in color, so some dedicated readers will not reflect that.
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Apple iBooks. Popular format for Mac users. Books can be viewed on Mac computers and pads and iPhones. Note that iBooks cannot be viewed on a PC computer or Android device. There are no dedicated iBooks readers, but any iPhone or iPad serves that function.
View ADE titles
Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). As of 2016, ADE has readers for all computers and all devices (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android). This is an all-systems alternative that offers readers, authors, and publishers a different set of options than the above two. Beside computer and tablet apps, there are also dedicated ebook readers that will dislay ADE ebooks.

View elibra titles

Starpath Elibra. This is the format used for Starpath textbooks included with the online course materials. The viewer only works in PC computers, which is a drawback these days, but on a PC running Windows it offers more functionality than any of the other ebook readers. These are fixed layout ebooks, so you view exact reproductions of the printed book pages.