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Radar for Mariners


David Burch

McGraw-Hill, Revised edition


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Annotated screen shots
showing various uses of radar with color screen captures and notes on the application at hand. This is an expansion of the shots that were on the Resources CD from 1st edtion, but that CD is no longer included with the book. There are many more such annotated screen shots in our online radar course.

Please note that the Resources CD that somes with this book only works on Win XP or a 32-bit version of Vista. The Radar Trainer demo is no longer supported, and all of the CD content is now in our online radar course.

More thoughts...
elaborations on several ideas covered in the book have been incorporated into our Radar Discussion Group. You can read and take part in that discussion using any serial number from a Starpath product, or you can purchase access to the Starpath Online Resources directly. The process is described at Get WebCard.

Errata to the 2005 edition