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Starpath Webcards

Webcard is the nickname we use for a username and password that provides access to the many Resources and Public Discussion Forums on the Starpath website.

Webcards are included in the purchase of any Starpath online course, and also provided with selected other products. Each course includes a webcard valid for one year.  Course participation is ongoing and does not expire, but a valid webcard is needed to enter the online classroom.

Read more about webcards with the option to purchase directy.

To renew an existing webcard, purchase a card from the link above, at which time a serial number will be emailed to you. Then at the link below you can register a new one or renew an existing one. For renewals, be sure to use your existing username and password so your course records remain accessible to you.

Register or renew webcards

If there are any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 206-783-1414 or [email protected]