Comprehensive Navigation in sight of land

Starpath Inland & Coastal Navigation
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Includes a total paper course package, a complete electronic version of the entire course plus additional software resources, an electronic chart viewer and simulator as well as enrollment in the Starpath Online Coastal Navigation Course.

With this combination you can choose the media that is most convenient to you at the time. Use the search engines and software resources from the computer, while you work through the lessons, assignments and quizzes in the interactive online classroom. And when you are away from the computer, study with the printed texts, and paper chart.

Most important, however, with this versatile package you can learn both traditional and electronic navigation at the same time — solve the practice problems in the traditional manner on a paper chart with standard plotting tools and also solve the problems electronically in an echart program using waypoints, bearing lines, and range rings.

Please note, the course software is download only. We can provide a back-up copy on CD for $10.00, but it is no different than downloading the software to your hard drive and burning it to disc yourself.
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Inland & Coastal Navigation course materials
About The Course...

Practical small-craft navigation (sail or power) starting from the basics and ending with all that is needed to navigate safely and efficiently on inland and coastal waters in all weather conditions. For beginners and more experienced mariners alike. All materials are provided except plotting tools.

No prerequisites are required, we start from the basics. Many thousands of students have successfully learned navigation from these materials and gone on to bare boat chartering or day sailing or world cruising in their own boats. Please see Links below to Contents and Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

imortant note for mac 
Important note for Mac users

The course fee includes all of the following
Printed Materials
Online Course
  • Assignments
  • Lectures
  • Discussion Groups
  • Direct Instructor Contact
  • Quizzes for every lesson
  • See full details HERE.

This course will prepare you for certification tests offered by any sailing association in any nation. We also offer our own certification tests if you care to challenge yourself this way or to prepare for other tests.

With the electronic components, you can take the complete course with you as you travel, or use it to search the complete set of materials for specific topics. If you prefer to work on your own without computers, you have a complete syllabus with practice exercises and answers in the printed materials. If you want extra structure to your training, then take part in the online course for more discussion and individual quizzes at each lesson.

Each Starpath course includes free access to our online Resources and discussion groups. The Student Discussion Groups are similar to our Public Discussion Groups, but they are much more extensive including all classroom discussion since 2003. We have instructors in five different time zones, so if any question comes up, just post it in the Student Discussion Group for a quick answer—or search to see if someone has already asked the question for an even faster answer.

General Course Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Related Materials:

You get ebook copies of these books with the course materials,
but you might want a printed copy for the boat.

System Requirements:
Software portion of this course requires a Windows operating system. Mac use requires Parallels, Boot Camp, or VM Fusion.


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