4-07. (A) Yes. (B) Approx 66 ft. (C) 41º 13.2’ N, 70º 48.2’ W. (D) C 039 M, 3.0 nmi.
5-18. Best answers are Course 046° M, arrival time is 1148.
6-12. Change the bearings to be Magnetic and then change the fix to be 41° 15.9'N  070° 45.1'W 
8-09. 4.8 at 2030 / High / -0 17 / 2013 + 1h for EDT = 2113
8-10. -0.2 at 0132 / Low / +1 15 / 0247 + 1h for EDT = 03478
8-34. Question should refer to May 17th, not June 17th.
8-43. Answer is 0552 EST (not the 0003 shown)
10-Answers. The answers are right as printed, but the referenced Rules have been updated in quite a few cases. Please see the list of new references in our 18465Tr errata.

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