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Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road
by Craig H. Allen, Jr and Sr.

Ninth Edition. Hardcover, 520 pages, 10" x 7", Published by Naval Institute Press, 2020.

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This book is a very thorough (yet easy to read) presentation on the Navigation Rules and how they should be interpreted. It is considered the favorite reference of many, if not most, mariners who study the Rules.

It is filled with references and citations from legal cases and decisions that support the reasons behind each rule, and to provide insights on how to interpret the rule in various circumstances. Farwell's is used by admiralty lawyers worldwide. The book also traces the history of each rule, and discusses the difference between US Inland and International rules (which we have documented in our compilation Inland vs International Rules).

This book is not only an authoritative reference, it also provides those interested in the Rules—which all mariners should be!—with hours of fascinating reading.

This eighth edition has been updated and edited by retired USCG officer Craig H. Allen, now the Judson Falknor Professor of Law at the University of Washington Law School, here in Seattle. He has numerous awards for his teaching as well as for professional accomplishments, which is reflected in the clear style of the book.

We might note that Farwell himself was on the faculty of University of Washington at the time of his early editions.

Errata to 8th ed.


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