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Blue Water Sailing Magazine
An unqualified thumbs-up for Radar Trainer 3

August, 2002. Radar Trainer 3 review from Blue Water Sailing

"There are very few teaching aids as effective as hands-on experience. The newest radar trainer software from the Starpath School of Navigation in Seattle, WA is as close as you'll get to hands-on short of hopping aboard a boat and taking a working radar to sea. Radar Trainer 3 is 27 megabytes of tutorial, simulator, radar-chart interfacing, and virtual operation in a moving environment with adjustable weather, traffic and location parameters. We have installed it at BWS and can affirm with an unqualified thumbs-up that it does what creator David Burch claims it can do."

"A user friendly, fully annotated tutorial covers Radar and Simulator Controls, Evaluating Risk of Collision and Maneuvering, Radar and Navigation Rules, and Chart Navigation with screen mock-up of an authentic, completely adjustable radar display with Head Up, Course Up and North Up options. Plus corresponding charts to indicate what you are actually viewing. You can pan charts, set up passage scenarios, dial in speed, heading , buoyage and traffic criteria all the while learning the rudiments of tuning, reading and using radar. Also included is a complete publication 1310 Radar Navigation Manual, with annotations and comprehensive explanations."


700 page searchable e-book.
1851 Bowditch Now Available on CD!

July 17, 2002. A fascinating record of navigation history, lore, and skills preserved and brought to you with today's highest technology.

Now we offer the new (Bowditch Plus!) and the old (Bowditch Minus!).


Course-up display after a turn from 344 to 304, with EBL in relative mode.
Radar Trainer 3 Updated

We have an all new Course-up mode in Radar Trainer 3. This function now emulates modern radars in operation and display. The radar display options are now Heads-up, North-up and Course-up. (Our previous use of the designation course-up was not consistent with modern conventions.)

We have also improved the EBL readout format. This can now be switched from relative to course-oriented for any radar display mode. The help files have been updated to reflect these changes.

Your existing version of Radar Trainer can be updated at no charge from Radar Trainer 3 Update.


USB cable connects TI-89 to PC. CD included.
New USB Cable for StarPilot Users

June 2002. TI now has available a new USB cable for connecting TI-89 calculators to a PC. They also have new graphlink software, now called TI-Connectivity Kit. Much improved over earlier cables and software. AND... Office Max, among most likely other outlets, have a very nice deal on this. The cable and software is $19 and there is a $15 rebate from TI. Note the rebate coupon is inside the CD cover, no mention of it elsewhere on the packaging. Obviously a great deal, intended to jump start the use of this new product. The installation process is slightly different using TI-Connect vs GraphLink. See TI-Connect and StarPilot-89.

This new product replaces the custom cable we produced, so we will no longer be offering our cables as options with StarPilot products. The new cable may not work with a TI-86, although there is some discussion about this in their connectivity newsgroup. See also graphlink section of


M/V Catalyst
Underway Navigation Course... to Alaska

Seattle, Mar 5, 2002 In May we offer a wonderful on the water training course in navigation, in which we will travel the Inside Passage from Port Townsend to Petersburg, AK onboard the beautiful M/V Catalyst. The course is open to a total of 8 students. We do all phases of navigation underway with special sessions on Radar. Please see Underway Course for details. [The May, 2002, course has filled and is completed. Sept 2002 and May 2003 options are now presented.]


Remember the upgrade sections...

Seattle, Mar 2, 2002 — Now that most Starpath software products are registered prior to installation, we can offer very simple upgrades to latest releases of any product. As these become available, your programs can be updated on your own from the Downloads Page, under the section called Software Updates. The updates are very quick and easy installations. We have added new features to the StarPilot programs and improved the discussions of some of the Rules in Nav Rules Plus!


Starpath Perpetual Almanac
Starpath Perpetual Almanac (SPA) now available.

Seattle, Mar 01, 2001 — Accurate and convenient Nautical Almanac data from 1500's up till 2100 is now available for your computer. An excellent back-up for ongoing navigation or resource for analyzing historic data or planning into the future. See StarPilot Perpetual Almanac.


New Addition to our E-Chart Course

Seattle, Mar 01, 2001 — We offer our next GPS and electronic charting course in April. This course will be special in that we focus the software operation on the Nobeltec Visual Suite and Admiral products so this will be more of a hands on course than we have had in the past. Also we have added to it an extra optional class for those who are new to computers or to using Windows for navigation. This will focus more on the general use of computers and Windows than on specific nav issues. You can also use that class for help with getting your programs and charts installed if you like. Please see details in the GPS and e-chart course section.


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