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Author Topic: I respectfully submit...

 - posted October 11, 2020 06:03 PM      Profile for JACK2           Edit/Delete Post 
I was a tech publication checker/proof reader at a large aerospace company in Seattle. I mean no disrespect but I can't help myself pointing out a few typos in the second edition of “Inland and Coastal Navigation”. The following are a few revisions I think may be useful if there is another edition (you may have already noted these).

Page 29, Section 3.2 “…The U.S. Coast Pilot (see Figure 3-2)” s/b (should be) “…The U.S. Coast Pilot (see Figure 3-1)”

Page 20, Figure 2-16 - “0.3’ “ is shown twice. Uppermost “0.3” s/b “0.5”.

Page 32, second column - the reference to sailing magazines is unnecessarily mentioned twice.

Page 36 - “Figure 4.2” font s/b bold and non-Italicized.

Page 133, Figure 11-11 - under “Fast Pass”, “0941” - align “S” underneath “E”.

Page 133, Figure 11-11 - under “SUNDAY MAY 24” “N3” - “8.09” s/b “0809”.

Page 40, section 4.4, second column - “…course number as you mark” s/b “…course number as your mark”.

Page 127 - shouldn’t launch ramps A, B or C mean three options instead of two?.

Page 217 - “All references need are included” s/b “All reference materials are included”.

Page 94, top of page - “table 8-2” s/b “Table 8-2”.

Page 44, glossary - a definition of “variation” would useful since it is mentioned in the text.

Page 112, top of second column - “…much to close” s/b “…much too close”.

Page 55 - “Figure 6-6” font s/b bold and non-Italicized.

Page 90 - “Figure 8-16” font s/b bold and non-Italicized.

Page 6 - is “Figure 1-4” the proper nomenclature? Shouldn’t it be “Figure 2-1”? If true, this will effect the remaining figure numbers in Chapter 2.

Page 23, first column - “Table 2-3:” s/b “Table 2-3.”.

Page 24, Table 2-4 - “…above MWH” s/b “…above MHW”.

Page 148, intro - “…things ocovered” s/b “…things covered”.

Page 107 - I could not find any reference to Figure 9-12 in the text. Maybe none is required.

Page 193, second to last sentence - “0720” s/b “0820” (see page 194).

Page 194, first column, last line - “…alone. )This” s/b “…alone. This”.

Page 123, first column, last line “…cockpit” s/b “…cockpit seat.”.

Page 29, first column near bottom - “…(see Figure 3-2)” s/b “…(see Figure 3-1)”.

An explanation about how east coast tides are different from west coast tides would be interesting. Maybe it should be noted that the star in Figure 2-19 is not Polaris.

David Burch

 - posted October 12, 2020 11:57 AM      Profile for David Burch           Edit/Delete Post 
Good day Jack2.

Thank you very much indeed. We will add these to the errata for this book, which is a link on this page https://www.starpath.com/navbook/

We much appreciate your sharp eye.

Several of the inquiries can be answered, which we will add as soon as possible. In the last line, for example, we do have room on page 97 to show a sketch of tide patterns West Coast (mixed semidiurnal), Gulf coast (diurnal), East Coast (semidiurnal), which is a good idea. As for the star in fig 2-19, that is just a standard nautical chart decoration, not known to be representing Polaris, although since nearly all nautical charts are a mercator projection, it could indeed represent the North Star, Polaris.

Thanks again.

From: Starpath, Seattle, WA

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