Resources for Barometer Use



Starpath USB Baro High-accuracy, low-cost pressure sensor, with free state of the art barogprah apps. Standard USB connector. NMEA output.
Western WA weather for use with accurate barometer:  To put this into your iOS device, open with Safari and save to home screen.

Figure inland wind speeds from pressure differences. Live Examples from Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca.


Fischer Precision Aneroid Barometer. State-of-the-art, used by navies and national weather services worldwide.
Barometer calibration online:  (This is the most accurate way to set a barometer short of having a NIST traceable instrument next to your own...because it gives you a time-space average of the nearest official reports, any one of which could be off by a mb or so.)
Barometer calibration service. Send your instrument to Starpath to receive a certified calibration curve.
Get ship reports of pressure and pressure tendency, as well as wind and sea state underway by email.
The Inverse Barometer Effect In Puget Sound by David Burch
This document is referenced in the text but not published elsewhere.
UW Atmospheric Sciences Forecasts and Observations. There 4/3 km WRF numeric forecasts for Northern Waters and for Puget Sound are the best forecasts available for our local waters.
Starpath cell phone barometer apps designed for mariners. Chances are the barometer in your pocket could be, out of the box, the best barometer you have on the boat! Read the Barograph Help file for a quick overview of barometer usage.
Cell phones that have barometers  (Not a complete list. iPhones have barometers included from iPhone 6 and newer.)

Guide to Instruments and Methods of Observation (WMO-No. 8)
Volume I—Measurement of Meteorological Variables

...a very thorough resource

Key players in the history of the barometer
30-day sliding average of global pressures
Difference between the present 30-day average and the average over a previous 10 year period (30-day anomaly).

National pressure tendency forecasts. NOTE: this stopped working some time ago, but we keep the link to show how it worked, hoping to rind a replacement.

Excellent (NAM data) for planning barometer checks. Scroll to bottom dataset on the left. This shows expected pressure change in the next 3h; with it you can anticipate hot times for calibration. First red means dropping 4 to 5 mb in next 3h; dark blue meaning rising 4 to 5 mb. Click Loop option, then mouse over the forecast list at the top changes the displays.



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  Analog Weather  A unique webpage with many barometer references
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  Sample Aneroid Calibration. Just the data and a note on the instrument.
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Atmospheric Pressure: Look Close to See its Microscopic Pulse, Part 1

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Instructions and Examples Starpath YouTube Barometers Playlist