Resources for Barometer Use in Marine Navigation

Modern Marine Weather 

Listed at USCG for exam prep, as well as NWS/OPC for background. Used in many schools and merchant marine academies around the country.

Barometer Handbook

Covers history and practice of modern barometry.

Mariner's Pressure Atlas

The pressure data in this book is also in the Barometer Handbook, but the next edition of the Barometer Handbook will not include it, since the data is now here in larger, easier to use format.
Official Sources in the spirit of a Marine Weather Services Chart. Read the introduction then this webpage is a direct index to the practical resources you might need when underway.
Starpath custom weather map briefings (Read the overview then active links are at the bottom of the article, with links to getting smallest possible file size of maps by email underway.)
Pacific Ocean weather:  (We will expand these resources north to include Pac Cup, Vic-Maui, and general west coast departure points in time for next spring-summer sailing.)
Western WA weather for use with accurate barometer:  To put this into your iOS device, open with Safari and save to home screen.
Fischer Precision Aneroid Barometer. State-of-the-art, used by navies and national weather services worldwide.
Barometer calibration service online:  (This is the most accurate way to set a barometer short of having a NIST traceable instrument next to your own...because it gives you a time-space average of the nearest official reports, any one of which could be off by a mb or so.)
The US Voluntary Observing Ship program.  We rely on satellite data for much of our model forecasting, but it is these individual ship reports from human beings on watch that remain crucial to scale and confirm the satellite measurements.
UW Atmospheric Sciences Forecasts and Observations. There 4/3 km WRF numeric forecasts for Northern Waters and for Puget Sound are the best forecasts available for our local waters.
High Resolution Rapid Refresh model (HRRR). Now readilty available for computers and tablets. (See also our related article Sailboat Racing in the Salish Sea.)
Free cellphone barometer app designed for mariners. Chances are the barometer in your pocket could be, out of the box, the best barometer you have on the boat!  Cell phones that have barometers
National pressure tendency forecasts. Excellent (NAM data) for planning barometer checks. Scroll to bottom dataset on the left. This shows expected pressure change in the next 3h; with it you can anticipate hot times for calibration. First red means dropping 4 to 5 mb in next 3h; dark blue meaning rising 4 to 5 mb. Click Loop option, then mouse over the forecast list at the top changes the displays.
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