Errata for Inland and Coastal Navigation, 2nd Ed.





Table 12.3-1 has an error in the list of courses

should be: 1120 045, 1150 310, 1259 289, 1330 022, 1535 022

Thanks to Adoram for pointing this out.


rock awash

Clarification: this term is used here as defined by NOAA and Bowditch, but this is not the same as used by the IHO, which reserves this term for rocks awash at tide height = 0. We address this is our new book Introduction to Electronic Chart Navigation.

122 11.1 2nd paragrpph.

We refer to shorelines on the leeward side of the boat vs windward side, but this is not as clear as it should be, since it is easily confused with windward side of an island. The intention is as shown in this sketch.


219 retarded LOP retired LOP. (Both are used; retired is far more common.)
Items below compliments of reader Jack2.

Page 29, Section 3.2, The U.S. Coast Pilot (see Figure 3-2) should be Figure 3.1.

Page 20, Figure 2-16, Uppermost 0.3 should be 0.5.

Page 133, Figure 11-11, under SUNDAY MAY 24 N3 - 8.09 should be 0809.

Page 24, Table 2-4, MWH should be MHW.

Page 194, max ebb example 0720 should be 0820