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Starpath received its first business license in 1977 and has been in business continuously since then. Our related activities were incorporated in Washington state in 1999 under the name Starpath Corporation. We have three divisions.

Starpath School of Navigation, which now specializes in online marine navigation training, electronic and traditional, for all vessels, from kayaks to ships. Starpath is a world leader in online navigation training, a program we began in 1996, after more than 26,000 classroom students in Seattle.

Starpath Publications is our publication division, which produces printed works as well as CDs and DVDs. We publish our own training materials as well as books from other authors, on other subjects. Nautical science is our main emphasis, but not the exclusive one. Our overriding emphasis is on quality and service. Most of our publications actually have their own Tech Support page and related Discussion Group online. Many of our publications also have an associated electronic edition.

elibra books is the electronic book division of Starpath Publications. This system offers easy to use, versatile, copy-protected electronic publications. This is a unique system offering authors and publishers opportunities and features not available from other ebook systems. The elibra format is an ideal way to provide training materials for online courses in any field.

Starpath products are used in schools and by individuals worldwide. Our books and software are available in most large book stores and chandleries. Though we work daily with many talented people in other companies, Starpath remains primarily a family company. David Burch is the Founding Director and author of many of the Starpath maritime training materials; Mark Burch is in charge of marketing and sales; and Tobias Burch is the Operations Manager, overseeing much of what we do.

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