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elibra is Starpath Publications' electronic book program
It is a library of electronic media, unique ebook reader for Windows computers, and a very convenient ebook registration procedure.

elibra, the road less followed
With elibra, readers have electronic access not only to books, magazines, newsletters, and training materials, but also to those materials that are not readily available in conventional print format, such as out of print books, monographs on special topics, translations, historic documents, and so on.

elibra, more than the usual ebook
elibra products have all contents electronically indexed for quick navigation within the document or for searching for specific words or phrases. They can also include various other enhancements such as interactive full-color graphics, audio clips of the author reading sections, inserted comments, animations, links to other books or web pages, and more. Not all ebooks have all of these enhancements, but they are all available to the authors if they need them.

Starpath ebooks now in more formats
The elibra format we present at elibrabooks.com is a Windows based ebook system developed by Starpath in 2001, making it a pioneer in digital rights management for ebooks, not to mention its innovative features, which have not been surpassed. In 2011 we expanded our ebooks to include the Adobe Digital Editions pdf format and now our titles are also available in that format from dozens of online resellers. In 2013, we also converted and published most of our titles in Kindle format available from Amazon, and we are now adding all of our titles to the Apple iBookstore.


John Dowd

Young Readers Books
By John Dowd

Also on the ebook side, we now offer several of longtime Starpath friend John Dowd's engaging and intelligent books for young readers. John is also the author of the pioneering book on sea kayaking that played a key role in launching the sport of kayaking into the national and international world of boating.



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