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Background and References for Electronic Chart Navigation
Our qtVlm cheat sheet is intended to help with the operation of the program, but it is not intended to teach navigation or weather. There are a lot of details involved with the full, versatile use of electronic navigational charts (ENC). We have several resources that cover these topics, either full online courses, or stand alone textbooks on the subjects. Click an image for details.

Online Courses


Get the most out of modern electronic charts
and be prepared for the end of paper charts as we know them


Electronic Chart Navigation Course

From basic echart reading to advanced route planning, to make your time on the water safer and more efficient.

This course introduces you to a new world of charting and navigation technology available in the versatile qtVlm software for Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

A new standard in marine weather education


Marine Weather Course

A practical, interactive course that will make your navigation safer and more efficient.

For power and sailing vessels, large and small, on inland waters or ocean crossings.

Comprehensive navigation in sight of land,
using both traditional and electronic charting


Inland & Coastal Navigation Course

For power and sailing vessels, large and small.

Learn traditional chart reading, values of special publications, dead reckoning, piloting, compass use, tides and currents, rules of the road, and more.

Guaranteed to make you time on the water safer and more enjoyable.