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The Navigator's Newsletter
The Navigator's Newsletter is a quarterly publication through which the foundation keeps it's members up to date on Foundation activities. Besides Foundation news, the newsletters contain member's correspondence, articles on navigation techniques, history of navigation, biographies of individuals important to navigation, book reviews, and navigation practice problems. They were issued quarterly from 1983 to 2008. New editions will begin in the near future.

Our target printing dates are each solstice and equinox, but please bear with us if we get behind. All work is voluntary.

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Volume 1 Issues 1-31

Volume 2 Issues 32-61

Volume 3 Issues 62-88

Volume 4 Issues 89-99

Online Supplement
In order to share related materials with our members that may go beyond the scope, format, or available space of our printed newsletter, the Foundation has newly implemented an online supplement to the printed newsletter. When new articles appear in the online supplement, they will be outlined and referenced in the associated printed edition. In forthcoming pdf issues, this will serve as essentially a long footnote section.

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While they last...

The Navigator's Newsletter Electronic Archive
All issues of the Navigator's Newsletter from 1983 to 2008 are available on one CD. The Archive includes 88 issues, with more than 1,200 pages and many illustrations.

The full set of newsletters are presented in 4 volumes of Elibra ebooks, each of which is fully searchable using Elibra's unique Search and Find-all function, which is a valuable resource for locating past topics. A copy of the Elibra Reader is included on the CD. Production of the CD was donated by Starpath School of Navigation.

There are free pdf downloads of these documents, but if anyone might want the convenience of a CD and the versatile elibra reader features, we will have the remainder of the stock avaliable for $6 plus postage.

The CD can be purchased online with a credit card. A download option is also available for immediate delivery without shipping charges.