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StarPilot View Settings function

StarPilot lets you store data that are used often. This simplifies input and minimizes errors. The data are stored in the Settings... option on the main **StarPilot** index page (shown below). This is also the place where you select units (ie feet vs. meters, mb vs. inches of mercury, and F vs. C). You can at any time review the settings you have stored with the View Settings option illustrated here. It is initiated from the first Settings screen. Note there is a full menu map of screens printed on the back of the User's Guide, which you can also view as a pdf file here: Map of menus.

From the first Settings menu, press [6] key or scroll down to 6 and press [ENTER] key. You will then see 4 screens of settings data followed by a review of sights if you have any stored.

The following are the 3 star sights stored in the Sight Reduction example. The output format is discussed in the Review Sights section. Note that the --More-- flag means that [Enter] goes to the next screen, but you can also use the arrow keys to go forward or backward through the list of screens.

These examples are discussed in the Fix by USNO and Fix by Plotting examples.

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