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Welcome to Starpath School of Navigation. We offer training and related products in all fields of marine navigation and weather.


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Celestial Navigation Celestial Navigation
For navigation out of sight of land using timed sextant sights of the sun, moon, stars, and planets we offer online and home study courses, star maps and star finders, books, tips, articles, sextants, and Internet links. We have many years and thousands of miles of experience actually doing this, as well as teaching others how to do it.
Inland and Coastal Navigation
For navigation in sight of land or in the fog, power or sail, in large or small vessels we offer online and home study courses, plus the required tools and books. We've also collected an extensive set of internet links to marine navigation resources on the net.
This is the home website of the Starpath Radar Trainer software and related textbooks on practical application of marine radar. You will also find tips on combining radar with GPS and depth sounder for safe, efficient navigation.
Marine Weather
Preview our Starpath Weather Trainer software, home study and online courses designed to teach mariners how to interpret and apply available weather data. Explore our convenient links to marine weather data and new section on how to read weather maps.
Navigation Rules
Tips on the best way to learn the Rules plus all the resources you need to do it. books and software, and internet links to admiralty law, CFRs, USCG marine safety office, and other legal matters. Plus downloads of the International, US Inland, and Canadian Navigation Rules.
Emergency Navigation
You can learn all the best ways to navigate with limited instruments, or none at all. Study David Burch's text Emergency Navigation in our online course. It is in effect the advanced section of all the others in that you need to know the most to get by with the least.

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